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    Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management

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About Us

Teknoloje Solutions is the global provider of innovative information technology solutions and cutting-edge services. We are the information technology startup with focus on leveraging Blockchain and Big Data for the betterment of organizations. With vast experience in ever-growing technology arena, our team is skilled in transforming business operations through state-of-art IT solutions ranging from cloud based portals, mobile applications and n-tier enterprise systems. We have continuously expanding customer base within USA, Middle East and Pakistan regions optimizing their business operations by leveraging our products and services. We are specialized in technology solutions development, implementation, operational support and customer relationships. Teknoloje Solutions is built upon the pillars of excellence, innovation and integrity. Having experienced team of technologists and business consultants, we understand what it takes to stand out in today’s connected marketplace. With the excellent IT expertise and delivery capabilities, we help companies utilize technology to stay on the top.


Information technology based customized solutions tailored according to your unique requirements. At Teknoloje Solutions, we engage closely with our customers to deliver solutions customized according to their requirements.

Customized Application Development
Cloud based portals
Mobile applications
Big Data


Teknoloje Solutions offers state-of-art products to fulfill the specific business needs within various verticals. Our products are designed by experienced team of technology and business professionals. This critical combination of expertise enables us to seek long-term growth of our customers.


Doctors product for health information management of patient

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Being a doctor is one of the most critical professions because of the health management and well being of humans. Due to the importance, doctors hold much responsibility of patient’s health management through reliable and accurate clinical approaches. Patients’ health information management requires not only clinical knowledge but also the effective information technology based solution. DocPro offers the best solution to manage patients’ healthcare information for doctors when and as they require. This product assists doctors to manage their patient’s information through fully automated workflows rather than on paper. Our ultimate goal is to uplift the clinical practice of doctor towards the Paper-Less workflow. The product is based on international standards and at the same time offers greater flexibility during information management. This is very effective for doctors practicing within Pakistan as they can quickly document their patients’ clinical information.

  • Enhanced quality and safety of care
  • Improved patient communication
  • Increased clinical efficiency
  • Overall satisfaction of patients
  • Multiple clinics management
  • Customized templates for different healthcare specialties
  • Patient demographics with Medical Record Number as per paper file
  • New and follow-up appointments management
  • Clinical information management
  • History of Present Illness
  • Medical and Social History
  • Physical Examination
  • Diagnosis
  • Prescriptions
  • Investigations and results
Deployment options
  • Cloud based hosting
  • On-premise hosting



Hospital Information Management Solution

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With the rapid advancement in information technology, healthcare information management sector is also adapting latest IT trends. Daily operations of health information have also been affected because of this dynamic change in such a way that new paradigms are in practice and also the existing features are being uplifted. Our Application functionality includes: • Patient Registration • OPD Appointment Scheduling (Filter and Specialist Clinics) • Pharmacy module

Major Module
  • User and Role Management
  • Patient Registration
  • Doctor Management
  • OPD Appointment and Scheduling
  • Pharmacy Module
  • Stock / Items Management
High Level Features
  • Online Monitoring
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Alerts

Next-generation payment aggregation platform with automated workflow of payments

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smartPay is the next generation payment acceptance platform with automated workflow of payments. It is efficient solution having centralized collection on bank aggregation or as a payment collection entity. smartPay offers the Merchants / Institutions a complete solution for online payment collection, which is secure, fast, reliable and convenient. SmartPay takes care of online as well as offline payment collection requirements, sending reminders and notifications, generate receipts, day to day reconciliation and settlement, and comprehensive MIS reporting.

  • Hassle-free payment with only few clicks
  • Pay whenever & wherever
  • We will make collecting money easier
  • Easy settlement and reconciliation
  • Timely SMS/Email alerts & invoicing
  • Payment tracking through portal
  • Easy integration of E2E between client and bank
  • Pre-existing ecosystem of Bank aggregation
  • Comprehensive MIS reporting
  • Client and Customer Portals
  • Multi-instrument acceptance including cards, mobile apps and payment virtual voucher
  • Multi-channel acceptance including Mobile app, web portal and recurring payments
  • Multi-model including prepaid / advance pay, direct debit, post-paid and loyalty
Deployment options
  • Cloud based hosting
  • On-premise hosting

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Tek Financials

Cloud-based finance and inventory management solution

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Tek Financials is the cloud-based online financial management solution for finance and inventory management of small, medium and large sized organizations.

Features of back-office portal
  • Initial financial setup
  • Company information management
  • Master Accounts
  • Ledger maintenance and permissions
  • Payment tracking through portal
  • Tour group management
  • Summary view of accounts
  • User and roles management
  • 5 reports
Features of Smartphone app
  • Ledger view (with balance)
  • Expense voucher entry
  • Account Payables entry
  • Account Receivables entry
  • Dual currency option
Deployment options
  • Cloud based hosting
  • On-premise hosting


Cloud-based attendance management solution featuring multiple channels

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Prime Hours

PrimeHOURS is the cloud-based attendance management solution facilitating organizations to manage attendance of their employees through multiple channels. It is based on end-to-end platform including web-based components for administrators and end-users and smartphone app for end-users.

  • Management's better control on business
  • Management's convenience to reach information
  • Reduces cost of ownership
  • Making day-to-day operations smooth
  • Real-time Employee tracking
  • Manage Attendance
  • Attendance Reporting
  • Trend Analysis Charts
  • Employee Tracking
  • System Configurations
  • Reporting / Analytics


Tek ReC

Enterprise healthcare revenue cycle management solution

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Within a healthcare institution, Revenue Cycle Management is the critical function which needs to be managed effectively. Teknoloje Solutions offers a dedicated product Tek ReC ™ to control and manage Revenue Cycle of the healthcare institution including multi-specialty medical centers and clinics. The product is web-based and developed on latest technologies to support transformation of the healthcare institution.

  • Efficient billing workflow management
  • Seamless integration with Clinical Systems
  • Minimize time and effort through automated batch submission
  • Integration with DHA and HAAD
  • Healthcare claims generation
  • Claims scrubbing
  • Registration features including merge options and insurance management
  • Enterprise scheduling for consultations, Operating Rooms and Radiology Modalities
  • Track revenue insights from encounter to claim to final insurance payment
  • In-built rules validation of DHA and HAAD
  • Insurance Company management based on multiple levels
  • Insurance Company management based on multiple levels
  • Remittance advice retrieval
  • Remittance posting and adjustments
  • Claims resubmission
  • Empowerment of billing and insurance team members through billing transparency
  • Analytical dashboard for higher management to provide summarized facts in meaningful way
  • Billing, claims and remittance reports for end-to-end revenue cycle details
Deployment options
  • Cloud based hosting
  • On-premise hosting
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    Frankfort Diagnostic and Treatment Center

    ~(Franfort, IL, USA)

    Teknoloje Solutions provides operational maintenance and support to the medical center. It includes healthcare clinical transformation of patient registration, scheduling, clinical, orders and billing workflows, implementation of value added features and end-user consultation and training.

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    Pain Management Institute

    ~(Orland Park, IL, USA)

    PMI is the state-of-art medical and surgery center specialized in interventional pain management. Services include release management of the EMR product PragRecord, incident resolution, collaboration with insurance clearing-house and roll-out of industry best practices for optimized clinical services.

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    Dr. Najib’s Diabetes Clinic

    ~(Karachi, Pakistan)

    Teknoloje Solutions have developed and implemented DocPro (healthcare information management product) at Dr. Najib’s Diabetes Clinic. The product is fully operational within the clinic and is being used for daily patient’s registrations, appointments scheduling and management of all clinical, examinations and investigations information.


Portfolio of Teknoloje Solutions also include vast array of services rendered as per the requirements of customers.

IT Consulting

We provide advisory services to our clients on implementing Information Technology in the best possible way to achieve business objectives. During this process, professional services team closely interact with clients to manage, implement, deploy and administer optimized IT solutions for maximum results. We can work either for a short-term or long-term outsourcing assignment for ultimate and sustainable business growth.

Process automation

Whether our clients are product selling enterprise or service delivery organization, it is critical to automate their daily processes through information technology as the best enabler. We possess expertise in automating processes of some of the prestigious and critical industries including healthcare and financial services.

Managed Services

We provide Managed Services for our clients to adopt efficient and up-to-date information technology expertise within their specific organization. Our specialized team proactively manage critical IT functions and responsibilities to improve overall operations and minimize expenses.

Product implementation and Solution integration

Teknoloje Solutions have expertise in implementing a product and it’s end-to-end solution integration. From product conceptualization to final delivery, we aim to deliver quality in the timeliest and cost-effective manner. Our dependence on a highly professional management structures ensures an efficient communication infrastructure able to smoothly handle the flow of information between the client and the developer at the same time keeping the management abreast of the latest developments.

Healthcare clinical transformation

We have a world class team comprising of clinical professionals, business consultants and IT experts which bring a huge value to healthcare clinical transformation through their experience in providing optimal health care and understanding the process of care. These enablers not only assist the company in implementation and product development but also assist the clients and health care operators in content management to complete clinical transformation. We facilitate patient health management and connectivity that supports the development of a longitudinal health record.

PCI Security Standards consultation and training

It is critical for financial institutions, processors, merchants and payment technology vendors to mitigate risk and fraud posed to financial transactions. PCI Security Standards Council is the global forum for the implementation of required security standards for account data protection. Teknoloje Solutions provide training to organizations and individuals for required security measures to protect sensitive payment card information and to implement organization-wide PA-DSS and PCI-DSS compliant programs.

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